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My Patreon and SubScribeStar

Flavors: Male Protagonist Daddy / Daughter type story with Incest, Mild Femdom, Mild Pet Play, optional Foot Fetish, romance, build up, teasing, blowjobs, titjobs, vaginal sex, bondage. 

~~ Animations and Lewd Sound Effects ~~

Can you indulge in the forbidden fruit without falling prey to the consequences of surrendering to something society considers to be taboo? A Petal Among Thorns takes you through a situation where you and your ward (title changes available in game) fall in love with each other and begin exploring each other sexually. 

You're a middle-aged man on a winter retreat with your ward Petal after your failed comedy tour. A relaxing vacation soon presents new feelings of lust towards her. As she begins to show affection towards you in a more sexual manor, you begin to  give in to her.

Things begin to heat up as Petal becomes more and more interested in exploring her sexual desires with you. But how far does she want to go?

My Patreon and SubScribeStar

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(309 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, First-Person, Lewd, Male protagonist


Get this game and 2 more for $14.92 USD
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On Sale!
35% Off
$7.99 $5.19 USD or more

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PC | Google | A Petal Among Thorns - Full with Bonus Scene
Mac | Google | A Petal Among Thorns - Full with Bonus Scene
Android | Google | A Petal Among Thorns - Full with Bonus Scene

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PC | MEGA | A Petal Among Thorns - Chapters 1-2
Mac | MEGA | A Petal Among Thorns - Chapters 1-2
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So i just played through the demo and absolutely loved it, so i wanna buy the game and was wondering if theres like a bundle or smth for all your games that i can buy instead of buying them one by one. 

Also, can i transfer the progress from the demo to the full game (on Android)?

Thanks again for making these games!

Hey Johnny!

I don't currently have a bundle deal. A Petal Among Thorns will be part of a trilogy. I'm currently in the middle of finishing up the sequel. Once all three games are complete, I will have a bundle option for them. That's over a year away unfortunately. Avalon and A Petal Among Thorns are my only completed games so far. I'm half way through making A Moment of Bliss. Those are the only three games that cost money. All my other works are short stories, and they're free.

Thank you for playing!

Ah i see, thanks for replying. 

Is there an option for transferring progress from the demo to the full game?

You shouldn't need to transfer. I believe the saved game file will show up in the full version. You should be able to just load right into it. 


Awesome, thanks again and keep up the great work :)


wow i got this game from when it was still free. lol

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this game, I’m using a steam deck so my system runs on Linux….would I be able to get this game for it and if so which version would I need to download. Forgive me, I know this may be a basic question to some but I’ve only recently got into pc gaming 😅 anyway, any advice on this will be much appreciated 😊

Hey BboySlic,

You should be able to download A Petal Among Thorns while you're in Desktop Mode on Steam Deck. You can try it with one of my free-to-play games first if you want. All my games run on the same engine, so if one game works then they all should. You can get more assistance on my Discord

Thanks for your support!


Thank you for getting back to me directly…much appreciated. I will purchase the game shortly 😊👍🏾


Just wanted to say, after purchasing the game and playing up to chapter 3….I’m thoroughly enjoying the game. A lot of teasing going on and at first I wasn’t sure but I realise that it’s exactly why I can’t put it down, I’m very eager to see where the story is going! I’m not a hardcore AVN fan as I normally lose interest if the story falls flat but not here. Great job on this….I do hope as I get to chapter 4-5 there’ll be a little more 😈😈😈 as I feel I’ve been teased enough now 😅😂 anyway I can’t wait for the next installment….no pressure and please don’t feel rushed by my next question…when is A Moment of Bliss aiming to be finished?

Hey BboySlic,

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Avalon. It was my first AVN, so it does get rough around some of the edges. Overall I'm very proud of it, and I always love to hear when people are having a good time with it. 

A Moment of Bliss should finish around the summer of 2023. I have five total chapters planned, and I'm currently finishing up Chapter 3. 

Thanks for playing!


Oh, sorry I should have mentioned, I’ve been playing Petal A T but I will check out Avalon after seeing as Bliss won’t be ready till next year. Definitely like your work so will check out everything else you have out. Keep up the great work and thank you for replying to our posts, much appreciated 😊👍🏾

(3 edits) (-2)

First of all, please allow me to congratulate you on a great story, well written, and the perfect level of pacing and teasing, which actually leads to something, a reward. Very nice product!

Now, I do have a few questions, and they might simply be signs of me not being compatible with these times, but why are almost all MCs and significant male characters ("captain" Daelus who's more concerned about the fabric he bought for his uniform than the feelings of a gorgeous girl) always fucking whiny beta soyboys nowadays? I don't know if it's really turning all the metrosexual emasculated betacucks on, or what's going on here? Everything is ME ME ME, all about him getting relief, his needs, and his day being ruined because he had to sleep 3 hours less one day. A real man is the exact opposite of this MC - Tough to the world and himself, and knows when to be sensitive and soft towards the girl. Any pussy can be "cool" or "tough" towards a little girl.

Also, I was sad to see yet another example of a great story getting ruined with this idea that handcuffs and femdom/failed male domination (by a pussy, that is) is "romantic" or a nice thing to initiate a girl into the world of sex and pleasure with. Also, the statement "I've got my cock inside you, you're woman, time for romance is over" is a sick statement that made me seriously consider whether I wanted to finish the story or not. I do understand the blindfold was different, not used as a bondage/slavery tool here, due to his reservations - that's fine.

I wonder if there are some young people who are new to sex and adulthood reading this, who are actually learning stuff from this and therefore ruining a lifetime of sex. Cuffs, bondage, and dom should be something you adopt later on, when you are comfortable with sex, a very high level of trust, and need that something extra - it can ruin a young girl for life, if used early on, and ESPECIALLY when taking someone's virginity. 

Finally, who the fuck in their right mind would force a girl to start talking about things that she struggled with, depression, and so on, as a teaser for her first ever sexual intercourse? This whole scene should've been replaced with setting the mood with licking/sucking her nipples, cunnilingus, and showing her pleasure, easing her into what's about to happen - not your selfish curiosity about her depression and history! (Mind you, the MC didn't know what the story was, when he asked)

Now, I did introduce this comment with praise, and that still stands, it was well written, clearly a quality VN, with a lot of work put into it (not much thought though). That I disagree with the writer's f'ed up ideas about romance, pleasure, use of bondage/cuffs/etc is a matter of understanding the world today, and does not take away from the quality of this work.

(1 edit)

This was a lot to take in. I feel like you'd be better off enjoying Penny for Your Thoughts than any of my other work, despite it being rather limited to just a prologue. Cassian is a much more confident and stoic man than any of my other characters. 

In defense of my other male characters, you're missing a lot in the scenes you've pointed out. Daelyn is more observant and socially aware than most other people. His 'fascination' with Kyrsi's fabric was levity to release tension from the stressful situation. It worked temporarily, and jolted her out of the shocked state she was in from the ordeal. At the end of content for The Time Collector in A Petal Among Thorns, his demeanor changes significantly as the situation becomes more serious. He takes command, orders his scout to the planet, and prepares the girls for the journey. Being masculine doesn't mean always being a machine, emotionlessly treading through every situation like a dead-eyed robot. 

Byron had an exceptionally difficult childhood, and leaned into humor to cope with the world. Chester is a family man, he's simple but loving. The Swordsman from Myrabelle is playful and flirtatious, but determined and unrelenting in the face of hardship. None of them do the right thing all the time, but none of them are beta soyboys either. Just because they're not all punching their way through every single challenge doesn't mean they're not masculine in the ways that truly count. 

I don't write Gigachads. You'll have to go somewhere else for that. 

No disrespect, but when you say "full" and final" do you mean the finished version? I think all devs should call the finished version "story complete edition"! :)

A Petal Among Thorns has been completed in its entirety. The full game is available for download. I'm currently working on the sequel A Moment of Bliss. 

The easiest way to check if a game is Complete or In Development is to click on More Information at the bottom of the description of the game on the game's main page. It will tell you the status of the game. 


Well A Moment of Bliss is BETTER than Petal Among Thorns, so really looking foward to that one being a "story complete edition"! :)

Can anyone tell me if the second movie you and petal watch, is a game? If not, it should be, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. The Time Collector was the very first project I began working on. I learned a lot of making it, but ultimately decided to scrap in it favor of a story that was a bit more grounded. You can find what I do have of it for free here on itch.io. It's about 10 minutes long. https://lockheart-novels.itch.io/the-time-collector


Played throughout in 8 hours straight. Had a blast. Synopsis : What if a "Lolita" situation had a happy ending ? Explore and find out with this game ! Petal most certainly is a naughy and deviant girl. Her father most certainly is a pervert. Nevertheless, no gross content here, quite the opposite in fact. Lots of fun and humour all along. Characters and story are interesting and reasonably well developed. Gfx, Music and Writing are good. Will follow and get "A Moment of Bliss" when it will be released. Recommended !

First of I like your novel game. I love the story and the psychological analysis of the situation as well as moral discussion in if or when this is ok and when not and as you point to the cause of what is the trigger to this situations. I believe it to be as much of a kink and fun as it can be therapeutic.

I believe games are great way of living out your fantasy with no damage to your fellow people as long as it stays in the game. And I love to have options when things heat up, it's not just about script and your views, it's about the kinks I am into or other players. On that note I like you to consider adding more options. Even those that will go too far and go into the story just enough so it can emphatically reflect on the choice of the player (like loosing your cool and pushing things that will inflict an reaction that will make a person end the story(in more then just 'the end').

I noticed that you had very closed variety of erotic acts involving classical touch, lick, boobs, feet fetish and vaginal. I for once never was into feet fetish but understand that it can be a thing. but there are more things you could add, cant believe you left out anal. You might not like it, but most novels barely touch it by adding 2 out of 100 acts. WTF. I also like to have the option to choose what kind of kink I will develop/experience, the novel story is yours as the flow of action is set by you (unlike some RPG kind of game like Midnight Paradise or Treasure of Nadia, where the the pace and booty call interactions are available outside of the story flow - not limited to a week like with Petal). I understand that this involves more extra scenes to be developed for each option (the feet scene was offered twice once for the story and second as a choice). I liked that you have those after Petal playfully implies 'since you liked it so much last time'...

I hope you can implement those things as I liked your stories and I would like to keep buying/supporting you make them. It's irritating to get the itch on your back and not able to scratch it (pound intended).

Is the game completed or are there any further releases. I wanted to ask as i wish to buy the completed release


A Petal Among Thorns is completed. I'm currently working on the sequel A Moment of Bliss. If you'd like to wait until the entire trilogy is complete, it's going to be at least 18 months until I complete A Moment of Bliss and Over the Moon.

ok thanks

It's a trilogy? Oh my!

Lockheart, you know there's another Adult VN called Over the Moon? Won't that cause confusion? Unless it's called, for example: "Petal - Over the Moon", and maybe change A Moment of Bliss to "Petal - A Moment of Bliss"? Just an idea! :)

The whole trilogy is called The Rose Garden trilogy. I'm not seeing an AVN called Over the Moon. Do you have a link to it? 

(1 edit)

Well it's on Itch.io, so surprised you couldn't find it. Anyway, here's the link.


Hope that helps.



Can this be installed through the itch desktop app

thanks in advance


It is not currently available outside of being downloaded from Google or MEGA. I'll look into uploading it to the platform. I haven't attempted that yet, but if it's important to players then I'll see what I can do. 

OK thanks


Wow!  This was my first AVN and you did an incredible job here.  The story is well written and believable and the characters actually have depth.  And the pacing is *chef's kiss*.  Not too fast and not too slow.  

You are really talented at animation as well.  That seems to be a struggle for many, but you aced it.

I appreciate that! It's taken some time and effort, but I get better every day. The sequel, A Moment of Bliss, has it's first Chapter released. It's quite different from A Petal Among Thorns, but it's fun in its own unique way. Thank you for the praise and the support.

This VN its linear? or Choices affects the scenes, ending, etc?

It's a linear AVN. 


I just noticed your released the sequel, thank you!!! About to buy it now!!!


great story - looking forward to the follow up :D 


The sequel's first release is very close! I appreciate your support. Thank you for playing. 

sweet - really looking forward to immersing in the rest of your story world. feel like you set the stage for some cool stuff to unfold in future VNs - and weirdly I wanna play more to see how the character stuff unfolds too cause ya did a great job at it in this one and planting seeds for future stuff. :P

If you haven't played Penny's game yet (Penny for Your Thoughts), there is a minor character from that story that is going to be a major character in A Moment of Bliss. It's also a fun ride, and completely free to play. 

(1 edit) (+1)

I love your games

Thank you, stridegum!


How did I get this amazing game for free?

I've bought the game, but it won't allow me to download it if I don't pay for monthly Mega page. I wonder if my purchase have a direct download link...

You can use the alternative download link from Google. You should also be able to download up to 4GB a day through MEGA without being charged. 

I would appreciate to receive your "download link from Google" instead, MEGA stablishes a short limit of download for my region. Could you send me an e-mail with such link?

The link for the Google download is on the A Petal Among Thorns main page just under the MEGA downloads. If you go to the fourth download link down from the top of the links, you'll see "PC | Google". Select the link that corresponds to your system. Either PC, Mac, or Android. 

Deleted 250 days ago

With the exception of the Bundle for Ukraine just a few minutes ago, This is my first purchase on Itch. I had played the free versions of the first 4 chapters and I loved them. I was going to buy the whole game because frankly, you deserve all the support

Thank you, Wheelchair. The sequel is in the works and it's close to release. I'm excited to show off the first chapter.


First visual novel, I kept being slow. I knew, it will only last a week, so... Damn Lockheart... A game making me cry even just for a review? It was the perfect length for this game itself, but I wished, I could go back in time at the end... forget that I finished this perfect gem of a romantic story, and start over to experience it again. Making a game and make me think weeks after finishing? Well done. Really well done.

Thank you! There will be a sequel so we'll get more of Petal. 

(1 edit) (+1)

too short but definitely worth it! Can't wait for a moment of bliss! btw, what was the bonus scene? was it the ending talking about a moment of bliss?

The bonus scene was the lewd scene following the handcuffs scene. 


The morning scene? If so great scene. Thanks for all the hard work, we will patently await for bliss

It's probably about 6 weeks away from release. Of course it'll only be the first Chapter but hopefully I can crank these chapters out in about 3 month intervals. Thank you for playing. Means a lot to me that people are enjoying my work. 


sounds great. Don't rush and work too hard. We love your work and will wait for however long we must.


Great visual novel.  Thank you.

(1 edit) (+1)

It won't let me load my last save it keeps saying this, wondering if you could help me get around it?

(1 edit)

Sorry, KingZack! I often make changes in the script that breaks saves. I had a lot of complaints about certain parts of the game, so I went back and did a little clean up. You'll have to start over. You can CTRL through it very quickly though. Should only take a minute to get to the place you were at. Again, I apologize. 


hello hello i just payed for this game but its not letting me download 

Which link are you having difficulties with?


the link for windowes


turn out my pop up blocker was keeping it from downloading thanks in advanced


I knew i shouldnt have played this game, i shouldn't be obsessed but i need so much more. Never thought i would enjoy a click style game, many props and look forward to hopefully many more chapters !!


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Just finished this game. Absolutely loved it, and cannot wait for the followup!


Glad you enjoyed it! The sequel, A Moment of Bliss, is in the works. The first release should happen sometime around late April.


Looking forward to it! I'll have to check out your other games in the mean time, as this was the first I've played. Thank you for a great experience.

good day guys is there anal sex scenes?

No anal sex in this one. Sorry to disappoint.


decent game but the writing was unbearably cringe


We are waiting dr make the update fast for your fans


Stop harassing game devs man, you're going to discourage so many game makers you idiot.  You're literally on half of the games I look at demanding more updates.  Just chill man.


okok chilled


Um I guess whole disssion about who dom got cut because someone got upset its saddening because the funniest and my fav part because truth/irony of sence I just want you to know it awesome and though not there anymore.i was glad I glad I got play a version with it in the game I just played tho it again didn't see and xtra sence tho

Yeah, I was told to cut that. I thought it was funny too. :-/


okay well just know I am happy I got to see and know it *******ing AMAZING


First time I ever saw a sale this big and yet glad I paid full price for it. A really great experience, you did a good job.

Was there a new sence?

There is one more scene near the end of the game. I'm no longer supporting any old versions of APAT. 

I redownload it but my old save was there do I need to start a new game? 

I don't believe you'll have to start a new game. 


well u game is awesome so I'll try it 

I redownload it but my old save was there do I need to start a new game? 

Sup lock it's compatible with the perv version? 

This is a wonderful game. Sadly I won't be able to afford the last chapter, but for those who can, please get this game. It is very well written and the character development throughout is VERY well conceived. I highly recommend this game.

Thank you for the story that I was able to get through. You are a wonderful author.


Great job!  I greatly enjoyed your work.  


Thank you, cjroper! The sequel is in the works.


Where can I find the sequel. I absolutely loved the entire game!! AMAZING


I'm currently working on the first episode of A Moment of Bliss. It should be out late April or early May. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Lots more to come!


awesome thank you, I can't wait!! And I know Moon's will be amazing also. Great work keep it up!!!


What other games have you made?? Any similar to this one???


All of my games are on my main itch.io page. The only other game I've completed is Avalon. It was my first novel so the graphics aren't great in the beginning, and the story is more dramatic. But it's cute, warm, and funny in a lot of places. Thank you for your support. 


Hi, I love your work. Btw, I bought your final work of APAT. And then I found out that the name of the main character, which I chose in the previous version, was changed into some other name. And why does Petal suddenly call him 'guardian'?

While you're in game, you can go into the preferences menu and change all the titles. Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

Hi there. I like what you do, and paid and downloaded the game several times, even when it has one of the highest prices here. BUT - how is the v.5 better/different than the previous v.4? I cannot see it has more of the story... so for $8 I have maybe technically better version, but the story has not progressed... Pity.

Chapter Five will include the conclusion to the story. If you started from a save point, try starting the game fresh. If you still can reach the final chapter, contact me on Discord so I can help you out. 

OK, thanks for the info. Will try, let you know! JV

Any chance this makes its way to Steam?

Steam has rejected A Petal Among Thorns entirely. They will not allow it on their platform. I begged for them to reconsider but they were unwavering in their decision. 


That is very odd.  Did they give a rationale?  Can't be due to quality, as Steam has plenty of inferior and mediocre drivel on their site.  I guess they don't have an appeal process?

Anywho, I will download your Chapter 5 and start from scratch.  You've put together a good AVN, from what I have seen thus far...it has actually motivated me to venture forth with learning the craft of VN development.  I have some ideas I would like to explore.  Again, good job!

There is an age variable for Petal that you can change in the game. Instead of simply asking me to remove it, they banned my game entirely without the option for appeal. I geniuenly consider this one of the most vile and heinous things I've experienced from a platform. They're supposed to work with developers, but here they're working against me. They even decided to patronize me, belittle me, act passive-aggressive, accusatory, and self-righteous. It was truly unbelievable to witness their behavior. 

I have publicly available posts on my Patreon detailing the fiasco. You can check them out here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/steam-release-62376576

Roger that.  I will check them out.  Chin up - you did great work, and I am sure your future endeavors will be great, too!


wait so is a moment of bliss not gonna happen??? i loved the living $h1t out of a petal among thorns and would be devastated if i will never get the chance to play the sequels :(

A Moment of Bliss is in development. Steam can decide not to give a platform to my work, but it doesn't control what I make. I have no plans to alter my course. We should see a release for A Moment of Bliss in late April or early May. Thank you for your support. 

Is there a difference between the chapter 5 final release and the latest version?

Nope. It's the same. There just wasn't any reason to name it Chapter 5 anymore. Chapter 5 is simply the complete game. 


Great, thank you.


I know that this is not easy to do but do not think that it is fair or at least it is not good at all in my opinion that you have followed the history of the game so that the final chapter is paid, what you could do is release a month or latethan a mont being free

The game is nice but if i dont pay i would never know the end

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