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where do you make these models

I use a program called Daz to pose the models. The models themselves are made by various artists. You can find the website here:


fucking cried while smiling and having a heart ache while playing ಥ‿ಥ loved the story, especially the main character being goofy. Will you be making more games? Avalon was too fucking good 

Hey, Lux Arc! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed Avalon. It was a bit dramatic at points. Writing a few of those more intense scenes had me in tears myself. But in the end, I think it was a heartwarming story. 

I'm working on Penny's spin-off story now. It's called 'Penny for Your Thoughts'. We should see a first release around May. I hope you enjoy it too! Thanks for playing!


Making things dramatic personally was never a bad thing from time to time. Personally I think it gave the character life, as if I was reading an actual person life story. Keep doing what you're doing. Your awesome


enjoyed the story thoroughly, very well done writing

Thank you, Elduriel! I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed Avalon. I'm working hard on my next novel. I hope you enjoy it too! :-)


really enjoy your writing - can't wait to play Penny's Game

Have you done any other games/novels?

Penny's game is in the works and it's coming along nicely.  We should see a first release in early May. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Avalon!

I do have two other very short practice stories I did early on in my VN career. They're only about 15 minutes long each but they've got some fun moments. One is called The Time Collector and the other is Myrabelle. They unfortunately don't have any sexual content though. Links below if you'd like to play them. 

Myrabelle - Mega - PC!rn42UKiJ!Jb1IkNVwNzWFE2G1zy3Y5i-cCU7_Za0Z6_D9SogGfNo

The Time Collector - Mega - PC!L24UnQpI!x1PayiDcSIoLskOih2um-D5VgHhTA54I7CA3By_tjFg

Trying to download but have to wait as google is telling me too many people have downloaded the game recently. I guess that's a good thing though, eh? haha

I apologize. I've added additional links through Mega. I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy Avalon. 


This visual novel is amazing, it is so interesting and enjoyable, thank you for all the work you put into it. I was just wondering how to find out what the unlock code is for the unlock section on the main menu? Thanks!


I'm so glad you're enjoying it! It took many hours to create but it was certainly worth it. Penny's game is scheduled for an initial release in May. Hope you'll give that one a try. 

The unlock code is 'megalodong'. Enjoy. :-)


this visual novel is utterly incredible by far the best i have ever read i enjoyed it so much this is a must have!!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I plan to have the beginning of a new story released around early May. I hope you'll give it a try too. :-)


I will definitely be giving it a go! You have a talent I hope you continue to make many many more! 


I realize the game is basically done, and maybe I'm just overly sentimental, but I always sort of like it when games like this do some sort of post credits epilogue where it time jumps some distance into the future to show (or at least describe, even if it's just text) some important event(s) in their future lives together.

like when they (all 3?) get engaged, or married, or birth of first child, or birth of first grandchild, etc.

Though I guess some of that could be incorporated into Penny's game.  Presumably she'd be invited to the wedding, and would likely be aware of what happens in their lives.  (likely need some way to specify which of the 4 endings occurred though.)


I thought about showing what happens in the future with Byron and the girls but it would lock me into a specific future if I did that. With Penny's game being in the same universe, I didn't want to tie myself into anything. There are also a lot of people aggressively requesting an Avalon 2. I have no plans on making a sequel at this time but it's not something I could do if I locked myself into a specific future.

The Bonus Act also is going to be quite different than what most people expect. It will likely be out early next month. I'm sure glad you enjoyed your time reading Avalon. That means so much to me. I hope you're eager to try Penny's game when it's ready. It's going to be a vast improvement in all areas, I'm excited about it.

I thought this game was over as your first and 'penny for your thoughts' would start and stopped visiting this page. Surprise! Anyway what happened about that game?

There is still one Act left; the Bonus Act. It will focus on Leah, Avalon, and Byron. Once I'm finished with the Bonus Act, I'll wrap up Avalon and begin working on Penny for Your Thoughts. I've been adamant about finishing Avalon before starting on Penny's game. I'm hoping to have Avalon completely finished between mid-January or early February. I'm glad you're enjoying my work and I'll keep doing my best to provide quality content. Thank you for your support.


Is mocha intentionally misspelled?

Yeah. Haha. Just a hip new thing, I guess. :-P

I just downloaded the version 7.6 on android and I can't load a previously saved file to continue.  Getting an error message. Only way to play is to completely start over

Adultgamer, I worked very hard to implement an Act Select on the Main Menu. It will start the story from whichever Act you choose. During development, I've made a lot of changes and updates as I learned new things. Since this is my first novel, it hasn't gone terribly smooth. I apologize about the corrupted saved but I hope to have it under control with my next game. Please try out the Act Select, it will give you all the options, such as Dallas or Octavia and Poly or Mono, before it starts the Act.


FEEDBACK !!! O.M.G. i just finished it with DALLAS !!!

can't wait to do it again with the woman in the gold dress,

i never seen some of it coming and no spoilers about it do hope it read's different with the mature woman in the gold dress, and its made it to the #1 spot of my top 10 list of over 175 V. N.'s  and as soon as i get a Pay-pal account i hope to be sending so money for a coffee to help make this story bigger and better


Wow, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The woman in the gold dress is Octavia, and her story is very different. Though the path for Avalon and Byron is the same, the side scenes are completely different. I'm finishing up the Poly Routes and then I'm going to have a very special Bonus Act that I'm just sure you'll love. But it'll be a few months until I get that out. 

Thanks so much for your support and your kind words, mr_gatez! These kinds of comments keep me going! 

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I admire your take on the sensitive subject; I

 also enjoyed unique the dialogue. 

 You have amazing writers. 


Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. We'll be concluding the story in the next update but there's going to be a bonus Act 8 in the works after. I hope you enjoy it! :-)


Awesome game, maybe reduce MC's body size or increase Avalon and Dallas's body frame

Android version say not available


Should be working now. I did a small update to fix a minor inconsistancy and I've updated Penny's first meeting with Byron. 

Thanks for letting me know!

Love the game. Having an issue with V5.6 for android. It installs as a completely separate game than V5.4 and I can't find path for where V5.4 saves.

Yes, that actually makes sense. Unfortunately, I release every update as, technically speaking, a new and separate game. I sure am sorry about that. As my experience grows and I get better at this whole thing, I hope to alleviate those sort of issues. 

I'm immensely glad that you've enjoyed Avalon so far! I hope to have the next release complete sometime early to mid next month. Thank you for reading! 

Very well written and enjoyable.  The humor was the first thing that really sets the writing apart and very well done.  Looking foreward to the completion of this game!  Hopefully when completed it will be put on Steam!!

I'm certainly thinking about putting it on Steam! Though the Uncle / Niece relationship is really messing with some people. It might not fly on Steam. But I'm sure going to try! Thank you for enjoying Avalon! 


I Have Sisterly Lust and Duel Family on Steam, both with a large fanbase as well.  Im glad to see Steam's adult library growing this past year and am really hopeing more quality adult game devolpers will look at this as a viable and finacialy rewarding avenue.  For the player i like having all games in one App.

I am not sure if it is me or not but after I started version 5.4 I noticed that there is one seen where the MC is referred to in the third person by the default name and not the one I chose (Byron). Not a big deal but I just thought I would mention it. It is the scene at home after the data when Dallas is asleep in your lap and Avalon sees you, when she is thinking to herself she calls you "Byron".

Yeah, that was my mistake. I'm releasing a minor fix version today. It should address several small things. Thanks for letting me know. 

I gotta say that I have enjoyed the game so far, this is my second download, but I will agree it is a tad slow (however I probably wouldn't think that if I waited until it was finished and downloaded the whole complete game). I am usually not into games that features bestiality, you know because she is a small girl and he is an Ogre! lol Anyway, can't wait for the next version. Hopefully the next update will allow me to continue from my previous save without the "Player_Name" issue I mentioned below.

I'm glad you liked it! There should no longer be the Player_Name issue unless you're using old saves. I worked with a coder to implement the Act Select feature so you can load into later Acts easier because old saves will always be questionable. 

Thanks for reading!

wtf is wrong with this download?
MEGAUPLOAD - it goes to 99% then the pc freezes, wtf is that?

How can check the game since I can not download a version released to public?

Give this link a try:


I like the fact that I downloaded V5.4 yesturday, the 5.6 update came today and the girl in the end says that this update took some time :P

I'm going to be honest in my oppinion of this game so far. I don't like it that much, and tbh I don't really know why that is. But I've only played through it one time so far, so I haven't really explored the other paths.

But I like the artwork and the animation is very good. I will be exploring the other paths, and I will be waiting for the next updates.

Thank you for making the game.

Hmm. What do you not like about it?

As said, I don't really know why. And I know it's wrong of me to say that I don't like the game without knowing why, so I'm really sry about that. Maybe I just think it's a bit slow, but atleast it's fun.

Or maybe I just have to play the other paths before I get a real oppinion, which I will do

I downloaded the new version and was able to transfer my save files but the character name is replaced with "[Player_Name]" is there anywhere the name is saved so that I can update it? It is odd though because I could have sworn that the game never gave you an option to choose your character name.

Actually now that I think about it, that would explain why the character name is not included in my saves, if the game didn't give you a choice in the previous version.

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Good story so far looking forward to more also really don't  want anything else bad to happen to avalon

Avalon is on the up and up, so we're going to move on to exploring Byron's trauma starting with Act 6. :-)

Great story telling and detail. Looking forward to the nest chapter.

I didnt have high hopes for this game but i was very wrong glad i played it and cant wait for the next update.

Yeah it is a great game but a bit of a tease, lol. Still, worth it.


I Love this so much!! I get excited waiting for updates. I Love Avalons character!

That's so cool, man. Thank you!

That was a great few acts! I am looking forward to more in the future.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm working hard to get the nexe update done!

You're right, the story IS pretty intense! Love the characters, they're so human and very witty. I just went through the first couple of chapters and had to take a little break and write this to you.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Who is your favorite character? You're welcome to join us on Discord.

I don't think i have laughed so much at the beginning of any of the game/story's i have read so far... you did an amazing job with Byron... i hope he stays this goofy threw out the whole story!  AMAZING job

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Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. And no, he doesn’t stay that goofy. He gets much goofier! :-)

I noticed... i stayed up till 4 am last night finishing the content... i think i spent 10-15 minutes on 2 scenes as i couldn't stop laughing every time i read the text...the scenes about the movie Meg with Jason Statham whom by the way is one of my favorite actors so it made me like this story even more!


For the uncompressed game and additional content visit us at Patreon. Also feel free to join us on Discord and have a little chat with us!